Western Avenue Live-Work

New Construction
Chevy Chase, Washington, DC

Rx for Healthy Urban Living
Home and Office come together in natural harmony in Chevy Chase, Washington, DC

A psychiatrist with a successful practice dreamed of a simple, sustainable lifestyle and an eco-conscious live/work environment.  In essence, she wanted an integrated space connected to nature and nourishing to her and her patients.  She chose a Friendship Heights property within easy walking distance to the Metro, shops, and restaurants, with an alley leading to handicapped parking and ramp access.

CHECA Architects worked closely with the client to select a site and co-create an innovative design to be in harmony with the community and to incorporate the highest standards in green building and design.  From the start, the team included a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified architect and landscape architect, solar energy consultant, and energy engineer.  We leveraged an integrated approach to create a highly efficient, sustainable, and striking design.  Solar panels provide both photovoltaic power and hot water.  Passive solar design in combination with innovative solutions for optimizing day lighting, summer shading, and natural ventilation create a comfortable interior climate and superior air quality.

Throughout the home and in the work spaces dedicated to individual and group patient care, our design emotes an organic flow and a sense of expansiveness, serenity, and wellbeing.  Sage glass skylights and a stunning translucent Kalwall stairwell infuse the interior with light.  Multi-level decks crafted from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified sustainable lumber overlook tranquil rain gardens and celebrate the natural surroundings.  A warm palette of interior finishes complements the timeless stucco and copper exterior.  Many of the materials are locally sourced, recycled, or reused through the thoughtful deconstruction of the existing structure.

The result: an exceptional healthy design for the site, the owner, and her patients and guests.

  • Principal Architect
    Lorena Checa, AIA, LEED AP
  • Project Architect
    Michael Vallese, AIA, LEED AP
  • Structural Engineer
    JGK Structural Engineers
  • Construction Consultant
    Klockner & Company
  • Energy Consultant
    EMO Energy Solutions
  • Geothermal Consultant
    Harvey W. Hottle Inc.
  • Solar Consultant
    Capital Sun Group
  • Landscape Architect
    Low Impact Design Studio
  • Deconstruction Consultant
    DeConstruction Services, LLC