Benson Residence

Kitchen Renovation & Addition
McLean, VA

Opening to Natural Features
Basic builder home is enlivened with new form and open plan in McLean, VA

The client requested a kitchen addition.  The existing home was a basic builder’s model that backs up to a lush wooded area.  Opening the kitchen and views to the natural beauty of the woods became a priority for the client.

CHECA Architects began by recreating the kitchen, adding a breakfast nook, a spacious curved deck and renovating the existing family room, entry stoop and foyer. We also renovated a second story bathroom and made improvements to the basement.  The design of the kitchen addition with large windows along the new curved wall and the new relationship between the entry and family room produces openness, natural daylight, and an inspired connection to the natural environment outside. As always, improvements were made wherever possible to improve energy efficiency. The new kitchen is efficient, warm and bright.

The new deck and exterior stair were designed to minimize intrusion of the existing tree area.  Centered on the exterior of the kitchen addition are rain chains directing water to a rain garden and creating a harmonious architectural landscape feature.

CHECA Architects first came to my attention when I was seeking to remodel my 70’s-era kitchen and an upstairs bathroom.  I viewed photos of one of your stunning projects and later got to see the actual home.  After seeing that house, I knew that was the feeling I wanted for my home, and references confirmed that they were pleased with the results of working with Lorena Checa.

During the design process, Lorena was able to intuit exactly the kitchen I wanted, as well as designing a brighter family room and bathroom and a new deck that complemented the whole design.  What helped me most in completing the project was your assistance in choosing a builder for the project and the fact that you coordinated closely with him throughout the process.

Lorena listened to all my concerns, designed custom cabinetry for the kitchen and family room, helped me to find appropriate lighting and other accessories, paid attention to all the details, and ensured that everything was done correctly.

I was delighted with my finished project; not only is my kitchen addition spacious and beautiful, the whole house now has an airy, contemporary feel.  Based on the process of working with Lorena and the beautiful results, I would definitely recommend CHECA Architects.

Jeanne Benson
McLean, VA

  • Principal Architect
    Lorena Checa, AIA, LEED AP
  • Structural Engineer
    JGK Structural Engineers
  • General Contractor
    Benchmark Homes
  • Custom Millwork
    From the Woods
  • Landscape Architect
    Kathy von Bredow, RLA
  • Photography
    Lorena Checa
    Marty Dunn